Careers at chmstrategy

chmstrategy is a trading name of CHM Solutions Pty Ltd. Drawing on many years of digital marketing experience, the methods our team implement are based on the realities of business, not theoretical constructs. We can use our experience to help businesses improve their lead generation, lead conversion and customer retention strategies. Our services vary from online training and support, through to fully managed marketing services.

Our Values

  • Reliable & Steadfast:
    Our clients can depend upon us to do what we say we will on time. We value quality over expediency and don’t quit because the going gets tough.
  • Customer Focused:
    Getting results for our clients is our purpose.  Communicating results – both the good and the bad – is vital.  Taking action to get better results.
  • Seek Help & Clarification:
     If something’s not clear we’ll seek help from colleagues and our clients. If we’re not the right fit for a client we’ll let them know.
  • Proactive & Independent:
    We don’t shirk from the hard stuff; if something goes wrong we proactively reach out and seek a solution. At the same time we don’t rest on our laurels.  Just because something’s going right doesn’t mean it can’t be better.

Our Environment

We offer an environment of positive re-enforcement where great results are acknowledged and not so good results are worked through to see how we can improve.  We are heavily systemised and utilise Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to create great results, clear expectations and accountability wherever possible.

We know that work is important, but we also know that we all have lives outside of work. Almost always we’ll accomodate your need to take a sick friend to the doctors or watch your child receive the award at school.  Most of our roles offer flexible hours and work locations as standard.

Current Positions

We do not currently have any specific vacancies. However, we are always keen to hear from talented and proactive people to join our team.

Our Hiring Process

We utilise the “Who” hiring process, which means our hiring processes are exceptionally thorough. In addition to the usual interviews, we ask candidates about their entire career – all your successes, mistakes, key decisions, and important professional relationships. Position Finalists are asked to arrange personal reference calls with former managers.

The benefits to high performers who apply are many:

  1. You’ll join a company of high performers
  2. Career opportunities with chmstrategy are good because our high performers continue to grow the company
  3. Within weeks of joining us you will receive comprehensive coaching and training to help you assimilate smoothly into chmstrategy, perform very well quickly, and begin formulating your Individual Development Plan to help you grow.

We’re always looking to connect with talented, proactive people to join our team. Even if we don’t have an active job open please feel free to drop us an email or send in your resume and a cover letter to:

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