Podcast in a Box, Your One-Stop Podcasting Solution

podcast_logo2Business owners are constantly looking for ways to reach new customers and inform their existing customer base about new products or services in a way that is engaging, has a directness and an immediacy that sparks interest.

At chmstrategy we would like to introduce you to a cost-effective solution that neatly fulfils all those requirements and has an evergreen quality that allows a target audience to refer to the information as many times as they need to and at any time they want in the future.

It is simple for you to implement and could take as little as 20-30 minutes of your time each month! Let us introduce you to our ‘Podcast in a Box’ service.

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is a regular audio and/or video broadcast that features any news, marketing message, tips, advice, in fact, you name it, if it is useful to your target market a podcast can include it.

The best part is that having a regular podcast, makes it something your audience will look forward to- rather like a favourite TV show!

Your target audience will subscribe to your podcasts via iTunes or another service and watch or listen when they have time to absorb the message you want to communicate.

When you find something helpful, useful or money-saving, you want to share it with your friends and colleagues – that’s what will happen with your podcasts and is just one of the reasons why podcast audience numbers have doubled since 2008.

The Benefits of Podcasting for Your Business

Podcasting is one of the most cost effective ways to position yourself as the expert in your field or an
industry leader. As an additional benefit, when you are busy running your business, creating a short podcast that communicates your message clearly, in an entertaining and engaging way on a regular basis also make it one of the least time-intensive ways of getting your message across. It is a great way to communicate with potential and existing customers directly, providing an alternative platform to the written blog post.

Building your podcast audience will enable you to become an acknowledged go-to-guy. This has the benefits

  • enabling you to charge higher prices
  • having people come to you for business rather than you chasing them
  • helping you to build trust with your audience.

Other media benefits like SEO and social media exposure are also beneficial in building your brand, reputation and customer base.

How Can chmstrategy Help?

Our ‘Podcast in a Box’ is a concept designed to make things simple, fast and cost-effective for you and your business. We can fully manage your podcasting strategy so all you have to do is confirm a topic and schedule a call with us – We handle everything else!

Your business will grow from implementing a cohesive podcasting strategy. We can help you to achieve the level of consistency required. So, even if you are stuck for topic ideas, have no idea how to build your audience or you have never previously recorded an audio or video – our SEO and editing experience will work for you, behind the scenes, so that you can have a finished product of which you can be proud.

Our ‘Podcast in a Box’ is a complete service that enables business owners to benefit from the rapidly growing podcast audience, without a big financial investment in equipment or in the time required to learn the technical ‘know-how’ that makes the difference between success and failure.

We can help you turn half an hour of your time each month into an effective tool that will reach your target audience and provide information they are eagerly waiting for. Send us a message here and discover how easy it is to get started!


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