Improving the Quality of Clients Generated from Your Website

One of the biggest frustrations we hear from people before they become clients of ours is that the client leads they generate from the internet are poor quality. By poor quality they mean that they require more time to work with, and are less likely to convert that a lead delivered from other means. In this article I will outline one of the strategies that we use to automatically (i.e. no effort on your part) pre-educate and qualify the leads.

Lead generationNew clients are obviously the lifeblood of a business that wants to grow. Beyond the remarketing to existing clients, which is a topic for another day, getting new clients is essential to grow your business. But getting high quality clients from sources like referrals will only get you so far. That is when digital marketing can step in to broaden your funnel.

So how do you make sure your online leads are of the highest possible quality? You develop a strategy to target high quality clients, that’s how!

First step. Look at where your clients are coming from. You wouldn’t go to the poor part of town to find rich clients with lots of money to invest in the services you are offering. Likewise you need to make sure your leads are coming from good quality sources. And in the online search market, that means choosing “buying keywords”, i.e. “buy blue ski boots” indicates more commercial intent that just “blue ski boots”. Someone searching for “buy blue ski boots” is more likely to buy from your site. By ensuring your traffic is coming from buying keywords you increase the quality of the lead.

Two. Make sure your site in converting well. This is a whole topic in itself (see this article here), but most website are terrible from a conversion point of view. A good benefit laden headline, compelling copy and a good reason for the to fill out a form with only 1-2 fields will help a lot though.

Three. Put your leads into an autoresponder series designed to pre-educate them about the services you provide and what is needed to buy your service. Answer all the frequently asked questions in a series of emails and when you do get to speak to the lead, you won’t have to waste time repeating yourself.

Lastly, as part of the education compel the educated and qualified lead to make contact with you, or you can contact them once you have looked at the engagement metrics for the series.

So by incorporating these simple steps into your online marketing you can dramatically improve the quality of clients that you attract from the internet, making it a much more attractive proposition. To find out more about how to implement a strategy like this in detail, contact us by clicking here or calling 1800 041 410 (within Australia).

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