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Frustrated by Google’s limited demographic data? Learn how to be super targeted in Adwords using Facebook.


Hi, Matthew Holmes here. In a previous video we talked about what remarketing is and how you can use it in its most simplest sense. What I’d like to do on this video is to dive in and take a little bit more of a look about remarketing using Facebook to build your remarketing lists within Google. Now, one of the issues with using Google for remarketing, if you’re after a particular demographic, is that the demographic targeting isn’t as good, say, as a platform like Facebook. Facebook has a very good idea, most of the time, exactly how old somebody is and what gender they are, what relationship status they are just from the information that people are putting into Facebook.

Now, Google can kind of work that out, if somebody’s logged in to the platform and is browsing and so on while they’re logged in, and so they can tie it to a Google account, but they don’t necessarily have a great, or as good an idea as what Facebook does. Whenever you’re setting up remarketing lists in Google by demographics or targeting, I beg your pardon, on the display network, particularly when you’re looking at demographics, you have to make sure that you tick the “unknown” box because quite often a very large segment of it will be unknown.

What we want to do is we want to try and refine that so that we can direct our message much more appropriately. For example, when you’re looking at the marketing of a retirement village, the message that you’re going to deliver to somebody who is perhaps looking on behalf of their grandparents, into a retirement village, is going to be different from, say, the daughter or son of the person who’s looking for the retirement village, which is different again from the message that you’re going to present to the person who is actually looking to purchase a unit within the retirement village, themselves.

What you really want to be doing is you want to be trying to target accordingly. The way that we can do that is we can set up advertisements or so on within Facebook. For example, where the demographic might be that you would have perhaps 25 to perhaps 35 year old females. Then you might segment that further, and you might to another segment which is, say, 36 to 50 year old females. Then you might do a 50+ segment, again females, and then you could do a 50+ males as well. Not to say you that you wouldn’t do those also, but just to keep this simple. What we then do is we can create quite specific ads that are going to appeal to those people on Facebook. We can send them to separate landing pages on our website. We build a landing page here, landing page there, these people are going here to this landing page and these ones are going to this landing page on your website.

What you do is in Google is you can set up different remarketing lists based upon which page these people have been to, so you know that everybody that’s going to page number one is 25 – 35 year old female. Then everybody who’s going to page number two is a 36 – 50 year old female. Then everyone that’s going to page number three, and four, and so on. You know, now, who these people are. What you then do is when you take these people onto your advertising though ad words, either though search remarketing, which we’ll talk about in another video or using the display network which again we’re going to dive into, or have dived into in another video, with these different ones is you can then be showing different ad creatives. For example, for these ones on the display network you might be showing ads that have a granddaughter next to their grandparent, for example, walking along, happy, things like that.

This one might show an older person in the middle, say 40 year old, 42 year old, something like that female that’s walking with the parents, for example. These ones you may show the actual individuals themselves playing golf and having a good time and interacting with other people of similar ages and so on, all the things that your village is offering to those people. You can see that the picture that’s going to appeal to these ones are not necessarily going to appeal to the other demographics in the same way, and so you can create your conversions and your click through rates from your ads to a large degree because of that. That’s just one way that you can actually use Facebook to break up your ad words demographics so that you can be much more targeted online.

Hopefully you found this useful. If you’d like further advice on how to implement these strategies for your retirement village, then pop your details either below this video if you’re watching it on our website, or if you’re on YouTube click the link in the description, or Facebook again, if you’re on Facebook then click the link in the description, or regardless of what platform you’re on, click the link in your description and come along and fill in your details, and we should be able to help you. Thanks a lot.

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