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Using Facebook Messenger Chatbots to Sell Your Retirement Developments

Artificial intelligence (AI) and automated messaging may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of marketing your retirement developments, particularly given the older demographic target market.  However using technologies like these can increase your marketing ROI and create an improved pre-sales experience. In this article I’ll run through what these […]

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Take Your Landing Pages From Meah to Yeah!

  Landing pages on your website are often the forgotten part of the sales funnel, leading to missed leads and sales.  In this video Matt runs through exactly what your landing pages need to convert well. Transcript Hi. Matthew Holmes here from chmstrategy. What we’re going to be talking about today in this video, is […]

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Reach Lost Customers Using Facebook Remarketing – Video

  In this video Matt explains Facebook remarketing, how it differs from Adwords, and how you can use Facebook’s remarketing to increase your business growth. Transcript Hi, Matthew Holmes here from chmstrategy. What I’d like to do today is run through how you could be using Facebook in order to create Remarketing campaigns and therefore […]

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