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This video discusses the Google Adwords remarketing options.  What they are, how they work and how you can use them to drive up your leads and sales.


Hi there. Matthew Holmes from chmstrategy. This is our next video in our series that we’re doing upon how to use Remarketing for your business. Now, in the previous video I gave a bit of an overview about what Remarketing was. In this video I’d like to dive a little bit more into how it breaks up and works on Google’s AdWords platform. So, what we look at is that basically you’ve got two main networks on Google, and that’s what’s called the Search Network and the Display Network.

Now, you’re probably very familiar with the Search Network. That’s when you go along to Google. You’ve got your page here, Google page. You type in your search query into the box, and then what happens is you get all these results showing up beneath the query box. Now, at the top here you’re probably familiar with the fact that there’s going to be ads in the top couple of results, and then there’s what’s known as the organic listings underneath that.

Then, on Google there’s also what’s known as the Display Network. Now, this is when you go to another website that is distinct from Google’s. And, what they have is they may have some ads down the side, or they may have some rectangular ads in the copy of the page and so on. And, those ads are delivered by Google as part of their Display Network. Now, what we can do is we can use both of these areas as a platform for our Remarketing ads.

So, how do we actually go about doing that? If you were to have somebody come to your website … Like we said in the previous video … that visitor as they come to your website you do what’s called “cookie-ing”. Then, you put a little bit of code into their browser, and it tells Google that they have been to your website to look at your product, your retirement village and the services that it offers et cetera et cetera. What that does is that puts them onto your Remarketing list within Google.

Now, you can split that Remarketing list, as we talked about previously, as to whether they’ve taken action or not. You can also do it according to particular pages that they visit. We’re going to talk about how you can use that in Facebook using Facebook advertising to actually put them on distinct Remarketing lists as a consequence of visiting particular pages. But that’s in a nutshell really what happens. What then occurs is that as these people start travelling around the internet they’re going to go to a website … You know, Joe Blogg’s, “Happy Retirement”, “How to Play Golf Better” or whatever. It doesn’t really matter.

What you can do is you can then show your lovely big ad alongside the content, so it doesn’t even matter if it’s anything to do with the particular topic that you’re industry is in. So retirement living, or how to play golf when you’re older, or whatever, it doesn’t have to be linked. It can be any website that this person is visiting that is part of Google’s Display Network. Now, you can filter that, because obviously you don’t want your ad necessarily showing next to shocking news stories, or things like that, or sexually suggestive content, or whatever. So just like when you’re advertising on the Display Network, generally you can filter that, but you can also do that then. But, most of the time you’re going to want your ad to show, so you can do that. So, that’s one of the main ways that you’re going to use Remarketing on Google is through the Display Network.

Now, what you can also do is you can actually build what’s known as a search Remarketing list, and a search Remarketing list is when people go back to Google. So, they go back, and they type in another search query at the top here related to retirement villages. What you can do is you can actually decide to bid more for those people and therefore increase the likelihood that your ad is your going to show at the top of the page, so you end up in these top results.

Now, you might thing, “Well, why am I going to bid more?” The reason you’re really going to want to bid more for theses people is that they have already shown an interest in your product. They’ve come along. They’ve looked at your website already. You know they already are familiar with you, and there’s a higher probability that these people are going to convert. So while you may actually end up paying more on a cost per click basis, you will actually probably bring down your cost per conversion, because these people are interested in your product already. And so, they may well be further along the purchase cycle, or they’re just more interested in you than somebody who’s coming to you cold. So, that’s how you can use search list Remarketing and how you can use Display Network Remarketing with the Google AdWords platform to improve the conversions that you’re getting from your current AdWords campaigns.

If you’d like to get more information about how you can implement this for your business, just click on the link either in the description below. Depending on what platform you’re on there should be a link below. Or if you’re looking at this on our website, there’ll be a contact form there that you can inquire or subscribe to get more videos when they come out. So, just pop your details in there, and we’ll be in touch if you want to find out more about what we can do for you. So, thanks for watching.

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