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In this short video Matt explains what remarketing is, the different situations that you’d apply it, and how to be more targeted and therefore get better results. Click to watch now.


Hi. Matthew Holmes here from chmstrategy. What we’re going to be doing today is talking about remarketing and how you can be using it to drive up your sales and leads.

So, what is remarketing? In a very simpler sense, it’s basically marketing back to people that you’ve already had some sort of exposure to. If your typical website, they’re going to have a webpage on the internet. What’s going to happen is that somebody’s going to come to that webpage and they’re going to visit it, have a look around, maybe they’ll take action, maybe they won’t. What you do, as an advertiser, is that you do what’s called “cookie-ing” that individual. And when you cookie somebody, which is putting a little piece of software code on it, you tag them and add them to what’s called a remarketing list.

Now, the real beauty of these remarketing lists is that what you can then do is that you can continue to show ads to them around the internet when they visit other sites, and you’re going to have your ad on the sidebar or in amongst the content or whatever, that is, therefore, going to continue to put your message to the person even through they’ve already left your site.

That’s remarketing in its very simplest sense. Both Google and Facebook offer these on their platforms and there’s a number of other platforms as well that you can use remarketing on and it can be very effective. What you really want to do is you want to be making sure that you’re going to take your remarketing to the next level. Because, it’s all very well to do remarketing in the basic sense and I definitely say for most markets it’s an essential thing to be doing. But, what you can do is that you can further split that up.

If we have our visitor that comes to our main website, and what happens is they then go and take action, and they fill out the form on our website. And once they’ve filled out the form, they’ve inquired about our product or something like that. What you weren’t going to want to do, is you’re going to want to put them on a different list from somebody who just comes to your website and then leaves straight away without taking this action. The reason being is you’re going to want to deliver a different message according to the action that the person has or hasn’t taken. There’s no point marketing to these people in the same way that you’re going to market to these people because these people have already indicated that they’re interested in your product.

You may be tempted to think, “Well I don’t actually need to do any marketing to these people,” and quite often, maybe you don’t. But, what you may find is that you may find that your conversion rate’s down the track are actually better if you maybe show to these people things like testimonial videos, or further explanation about your product and your service so that they become familiar with it and kept warm, in effect. So, by the time your staff actually get a chance to come back to them and follow up with the lead, they’re still engaged with you, they know more about you, and they’re perhaps even more convinced then they were before that you’re the right person to answer their particular problem, or to supply the service that they’re after.

That’s what you would probably do to this segment of people. These people you’re going to maybe potentially show the testimonial videos as well, but with a different slot. In that one you’re call to action is probably going to be, “Come back and fill out this form,” or “Enquire now,” or something which is trying to get them to take this next step. Unlike these people, who have already taken that step.

Hopefully you found that interesting. In subsequent videos, we’re going to be diving into this in greater detail and talking about how you can segment according to the demographics and things like that, as well as the actions that the person has taken.

Be sure to pop your details in at the end of this video so that we can keep you notified when we produce any extra videos like this. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you again soon.

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